Hadi Khalil
Director / Producer,


Hadi Khalil's television career started in 1982 as a reporter for the Lebanese State Television.  He covered the war in Lebanon for the Lebanese TV as well as for the Associated Press and ABC News.  For a long period of time, Hadi was the only reporter on the ground in occupied South Lebanon, transmitting to the world the sights and sounds of the war. His career took off, and his fame and accomplishments preceded him anywhere he went.


After moving to the US in 1988, and for five years, Mr. Khalil was the production manager of AATV in Los Angeles.  Hadi helped the network grow from a local leased access channel to a syndicated regional and national offering.

Realizing the importance and imminent invasion of international Satellite Networks of the US, in 1994, Mr. Khalil started his own production company, IPA International Production & Advertising.  IPA has produced countless shows, commercials, and promos that air on several Television stations, including most of the Arabic television stations in the US and Canada.  NBN TV, FUTURE TV, LBC TV & ART TV (Arab Radio & Television), are just a few to mention.  Most of IPA's production has aired worldwide on those networks.

In 2005, ART awarded IPA a long term contract for the development and production of three weekly shows that air on its networks across the globe, and plans for even more shows are on the drawing board.

Beside TV programs IPA produced countless TV commercials and marketing videos that aired in the US and abroad.

Hadi Khalil was born in Lebanon in 1963 and has a Bachelor Degree from Lebanese University of Beirut, and a diploma in radio and television production and advertising from Northeast Broadcast School in Massachusetts.

Hadi is married to Sanaa Khalil and a proud father of 2 kids;  Moustafa and Maya.